Claims against SCHOOLS
Claims against private, boarding and state-run schools

School ought to be a place of safety where adults are put in a position of authority. Sometimes those in a position of authority and trust exploit this in order to abuse a child.

Such abuse can have a devastating and life long impact on an individual and often the child will feel guilt and embarrassment. We are here to help and ensure that those who committed the offences are brought to task.

Who is responsible?

If a school employee committed abuse it is often appropriate to investigate those who employed them and/or ran the school and bring a claim direct against the employer/local authority or governing body..

We are highly experienced in ensuring that we establish who was responsible for the abuser ensuring that we bring those to task those who were meant to be ensuring children in their establishment were protected and safe.

Bringing a Civil Claim

We appreciate that is is not easy to make contact and discuss your experiences. We are happy to discuss your potential claim on a non-committal basis and provide you with the opportunity to meet in person to make the process as comfortable as possible..


The law says that you have three years from the date of an incident to bring your claim, or three years from your 18th birthday if you were a child when it occurred. However, even if you are out of time, you may still be able to bring a claim for abuse.

We have extensive expertise in properly addressing limitation and ensuring that individuals obtain the justice that they seek.


If most cases we can offer you a No Win, No Fee Agreement. This means that you will not have to pay us unless we are successful in your claim. If we are successful in your claim you will need to pay us a success fee which is capped at no more than 25% of your compensation.

If your claim is unsuccessful, we simply do not get paid.

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